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Easy Self Watering Patio Container Garden – Growing Herbs and Leafy Green Vegetables

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

John from shows you from start to finish how easy it is to set up a self-watering patio pickers “raised bed” container garden. In this episode, John will set up two of these container gardens that are perfect for growing on a patio, deck, porch, lanai or other small area for people that live in an apartment, condo or townhome with limited space. John will show mixxing his special soil mixture and talk about what he is planting in each patio pickers garden and why. After watching this episode, you will be able to set up and start growing your own patio pickers garden.

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    Gardening in Limited Space Using Container Gardens, Part 1

    Sunday, May 13th, 2012

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      The property appraiser is coming! What can I do?

      Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

      No need to answer after 02/20/2010.

      I know about the neighborhood analysis and all that. I need to know which things that are WITHIN my control that I should focus on the most. If the house doesn’t appraise as it did when we bought it a couple of years ago, the re-fi will fall through and that would be REALLY bad. Everything is in relatively the same shape as when we bought it (not considering decor), so I’m not severely worried (except for the market conditions), but still trying to get my house clean and up to par. So far I’ve deep-cleaned the carpet and floors. What else? The cobwebs that are impossibly high at the top of the stairwell? The firewood under the porch against the house? What about the basement? What REALLY matters? In your answer, please be sure to prioritize. I’m very short on time and energy, so I need to focus on the major stuff first.

      Also, do you know if the new "whole house" water filtration/softener system we put in will affect the value? What about the new rock garden out front?

      THANK YOU!
      It is FHA.

      Houses in the neighborhood aren’t selling at all, so there really isn’t anything to compare to.
      I guess I should have mentioned that I’m also short on money … as well as energy and time.

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        Indoor vegetable garden?

        Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

        Thanks to anyone willing to take the time to answer. I do not have a lot of gardening experience, so please be kind.

        I am starting my 2nd attempt at an outdoor garden, but thought it would be nice to have some veggies grow in my house… perhaps even after the outdoor season ends.

        1.) What kind of vegetables can be grown indoors?

        2.) How deep of soil should I have to grow veggies?

        3.) Do I need fancy gardening lights, or is sunlight through the window enough?

        4.) If I do need fancy lights, would the cost of the lights and the electricity come out to a lot more than buying veggies from the store?

        5.) How much light do plants need in a day.

        6.) If I keep them in my porch instead of in a heated room, could they die when it is cold?
        Seeds I have so far: bell peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, onions, scallions, broccoli, spinach, yellow squash, carrots, cucumber, brussels sprouts, banana peppers…

        Thanks for answering any of these you may know.

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        Container Gardening – How to Start an Easy Basic Garden

        Monday, October 4th, 2010

        Please be sure to subscribe to Naztazia’s channel! This is a how-to video on growing fruits and vegetables in containers and planters instead of a traditional in-ground garden. Also known as container gardens or container gardening. These types of gardens work great for those with limited space or have no yard. Grow your vegetables, fruits and herbs on your balcony, patio or driveway.

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