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How do you use a knife sharpener with garden tool, sheers,scissors, and knife guard on it?

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Its about 6 inches long& silver, has handle on one side and two prongs on the other side that has garden tools written and knife. one side also has knife guard on it and other one sheers/scissors. It only says patent pending i dont know the type of it. how do i use this?

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    Prong collar question…how tight is too tight?

    Saturday, January 1st, 2011

    First off, please no rants about how prong collars are cruel, as they most certainly are not.

    I have a 65lb Foxhound mix and they way I had her prong collar adjusted, it sat high up behind her ears, but throughout our walk it would always slip down some and so I would have to pull it back up. Now it didn’t slip down a lot like all the way down to the base of her neck, just maybe and inch or so, so it was more like in the top/middle portion of her neck (my dog has a pretty short neck, kinda like a Lab’s). Also, the collar twists around pretty easily so throughout our walk the rings will start out on the side of her neck and slowly work their way to the top of her neck. Is this an okay amount of movement, as long as it’s still staying relatively high on her neck, even if it’s not right behind her ears? Unfortunately my camera’s broke so I can’t take a pic, but I used paint to draw lines where the collar starts out and ends up (black line is where it starts, red line is where it ends up)

    Also, i removed another link and now it doesn’t move AT ALL, like not even a centimeter. But it feels really tight, like I can just barely get one finger under it, and when I put my finger under it it’s pressing pretty hard on my finger. Also, there is absolutely no slack on the chain part at all, it’s stretched as tight as it will go…it’s stretched so tight that there’s not even slack on the chain part when her leash is attached to the live ring!. It’s really hard to tell if the prongs are pressing into her though because her coat is so thick. In fact, it’s so tight that you can’t even hardly see it on her neck because her fur goes over it. Her fur is about as long and dense as a Lab’s.

    Also, I’ve seen the leerberg article…but it’s just so hard to tell on my dog if it’s fitted properly because, unlike the Dobe model they have on their website, my dog has a short neck and thick fur so it’s not as clear cut. I would have a trainer do it, but around here it’s hippie central and I have not come across one single trainer who will go within 5 feet of a prong 🙁

    Add: Lmao Major category fails: Beauty & Style > Fashion & Accessories; Society & Culture > Cultures & Groups >Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered; Home & Garden > Cleaning & Laundry
    I guess I should also mention she’s had this collar since she was a year old and she’s currently 10. But the thing is I was using it totally wrong for the first 8 or so years (hanging loose around the base of her neck and slipping it over her head). Then I finally figured out the right way to use it, and I had it adjusted beautifully for a while, but she’s lost a little weight and that’s what’s causing the problem now…

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