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Are my parents selfish? Or is it Just me?

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Okay, they’ve always been telling me about how when they were little, their moms and dads barely bought them nice things. Now in the future, I feel like this too. I think the nicest thing they bought me is my phone (0). And they always say that everything is too expensive,(yeah right), my mom spends it all on designer Coach and Micheal Kors, and my dad is part of the NRA and he buys really expensive rifles (100-500 dollars) plus bullets and accessories. Look, but we’re pretty much "well-off" my dad is an engineer and my mom an RN(registered nurse) together, their salaries are like A LOT. And I have this friend who lives with only her mom who works as a hair stylist at Super Cuts and bought my friend and her siblings a puppy,(I’ve been wanting one forever), new clothes (Juicy Couture), a new phone (it’s touch screen), but my parents I believe, make more money than her mom. But my parents always tell me that everything I want is expensive, yet they don’t think the stuff they buy are expensive. Once I asked them if we can have dinner at Olive Garden and they told me it’s too expensive, then 2 weeks later they have lunch there with a friend! I also feel like they spend more time at work, they seem like they don’t like being at home with me and my brother. My dad always has meetings on Sundays and my mom has work on New Years day. I am confused….

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