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Diane’s Hosta Woodland Gardens- Created Using Stupeflix

Sunday, November 6th, 2011 Using Stupeflix video creator, this one I upgraded to get a better resolution HD quality , I think it was worth the This is my hosta woodland gardens I started to create back in 2003 , everything in this area comes back every year provided they are well cared for. This area is very special and I wish I spent more time here, but as it seems sometimes too much work and too little time to really enjoy . That is why I am glad to have taken photos this can always bring me back to the gardens and appreciate what I have . There are many varieties of hostas here, with heuchera , bleeding hearts,ferns, astilbles plus many annual blooming flowers.. If you want to learn more about Hostas and how to grow them you can go to my gardening blog and get my free hosta ebook http Created using

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    Urban Vegetable Gardening in Sacramento and Harvesting Artichoke Pollen

    Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

    John from visits an Urban Farm in Sacramento to find out whats growing on. In this episode you willdiscover some the techniques they use at this urban farm to grow food. You will also see two chicken tractors. In addition you will learn about heirloom red okra, as well as how John loves to harvest Artichoke Pollen.

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      Digging and Dividing Hostas. Part 1: Garden Tools

      Sunday, June 27th, 2010

      The first part of Hostas Direct’s digging and dividing three part series. This first section gives an introduction to shovels and tools commonly used for garden and landscape work. Hostas Direct owner Tom Carlson explains what tools are best used for what job. The series continues with a walk through of how to dig hostas and how do divide a difficult clump. A production.

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      Stay In The Shade With Outdoor Umbrellas

      Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

      You look at your garden and you smile to yourself. You feel like you have the best garden in the world. You’ve been toiling in it for days, weeks and months, and now you can finally see the results of your hard labor. You just couldn’t wait to see your family enjoying your garden.

      But it’s somehow hard to enjoy your garden if the sun is shining too brightly. You wouldn’t want to be under the scorching heat of the sun, exposed to its harmful UV rays. Well, the good news is that you can still enjoy your garden even on a hot day. You just need a garden umbrella.

      Outdoor umbrellas are a nice and practical way to enjoy your garden even when it’s very sunny. With this garden item, you can now stay outdoors while still feeling cool under its shade. Having a garden umbrella will not only make your garden look more attractive but it will also protect you from being sunburned.

      Outdoor umbrellas are very useful because they allow you to stay in your garden without having to absorb the harmful rays of the sun. We all know that the sun’s rays can cause sunburn and even skin cancer. But you don’t want to deprive yourself or your family from enjoying the outdoors just because of the sun, so buying an outdoor umbrella is helpful.

      When buying your outdoor umbrella, make sure that you remember these tips:

      1. Choose one that’s made of high quality materials so you can be assured that it will last long. Make sure that its fabric is durable and will withstand any weather conditions.

      2. Choose a stylish design that will complement your other garden items. Outdoor umbrellas are sold in a variety of shapes and colors, so buy one that reflects your style and character. Also make sure that you choose one that has a fade-resistant fabric so you will be assured that its color will stay bright for a long time.

      3. Measure the area where you want to place your umbrella and choose one that will exactly fit the space. It’s usually wise to buy an umbrella that’s one size bigger because you have to consider the sun’s shifting position.

      4. Make sure that your garden umbrella can be safely secured onto the ground to avoid any accidents. You don’t want your umbrella falling down while you and your family are sitting under its shade.

      5. Choose an umbrella that can provide you with at least UPF 50 so you are totally protected from the sun’s UV rays while enjoying your time outside your house.  Make sure that it is also water-resistant just in case you use it for the rainy days.

      6. Consider the ease of operating the umbrella. Some are equipped with auto crank, auto-tilt or pulley functions. And if you plan to move your umbrella around, make sure that it has a portable design.

      Now that you’ve bought your umbrella, just make sure that you care for it and maintain it well so that it will last for years. With your outdoor umbrella, your garden can now be a perfect place where you can spend quiet moments after a busy day at work or a place where you can bond with your family while enjoying nature. Not to mention a place where Fifi the dog can relax as well after a day of running around and playing in the garden. Phew! It’s hard work being a dog! 😉

      Garden Umbrella

      Garden Umbrella

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