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I need shoe advice? help please?

Friday, March 18th, 2011

So I’m going on a date to Olive Garden in 10 minutes and found out I don’t have the shoes I wanted to wear with me (I’m in a dorm right now, the shows are at my house).
So I need to know which ones to wear.
My outfit is a black dress, my only accessory is a black watch with silver detail.
My shoe options are: brown Ugg boots, white platforms, black sport flats (which are kind of dirty), or black sneakers.
I know nothing about fashion so please help me. I want to make a good impression.

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    shirt and shoes!?

    Monday, February 14th, 2011

    going to busch gardens im wearing short light blue denim shorts and i’m not sure what kind of shoes to wear and shirt?!? like what it most comftorble…
    cause im in florida so it hot but when we go to restaurants or shows there i get cold….
    so can you find me a shirt and shoes and possible a jacket and accessories that would be cute and comfy?
    my stylke is goth/punk/rocker i love crazy prints and bright colors as well as black lol oxy moron!! i love hot topic and pac sun
    thanks soooo much!!!!!<3

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      Which two colours go best with yellow?

      Sunday, February 13th, 2011

      I have a yellow dress (slightly above knee level) that I’m planning to wear to a garden party, but I don’t know what colour shoes or accessories to get. Help!

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        I just bought my dress! What do you think?

        Sunday, February 6th, 2011

        Outdoor garden wedding in June, btw.

        The front;

        The Back;


        What color shoes/what type of accessories would I need with this?

        ::I’m so excited!!!::

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          HELP !! Prom Dress…?

          Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

          hey guys! so i bought a prom dress, which is shown in the link below..
          the thing is..i don’t know what shoes to wear, which accessories i should wear…
          so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know 🙂
          btw, the one that i bought is WHITE..



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            What color with hot pink & lime green wedding?

            Monday, January 31st, 2011

            My friend is having a hot pink & lime green wedding. Those are her two favorite colors so there’s no changing that. I’m going to be a bridesmaid in the wedding. She’s thinking of having one bridesmaid wearing a hot pink dress with a lime green sash, shoes, and flowers…then the next girl the opposite. I suggested black dresses then having the bright colors in the accessories (shoes & sash). She doesn’t want black because it’s likely going to be an outdoor spring wedding at a local garden. Any other ideas so I don’t have to wear hot pink or lime green? I’m fair skinned with auburn hair and freckles!
            She is also looking for ideas for other colors. This wouldn’t be something I’m forcing on her. She wants the pictures to look good…and we both agree that the colors she loves will pop better against a neutral background. I’m looking around and I think a sand color would look nice.

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              Possible to have fancy wedding without fancy cost?

              Monday, January 17th, 2011

              We’re planning on getting married in September of this year. We dont’ have a budget yet because it all depends on how much money we’re able to save from now until then. I’m thinking maybe 6-8000?

              I want to have it big and fancy, and invite almost 200 people! (We both have huge families).

              We want to have the ceremony in a garden, then a big reception in a hall.

              What are some of the major expenses?

              We’re gonna have a pot-luck style dinner, fiances co-worker has a band and will charge us cheaper (although still might be 00), my best friend will be doing music for the ceremony so I don’t need to pay her; the officiant is a family friend so I won’t need to pay him; no alcohol whatsoever- planning on getting bottles on non-alcoholic juices, a bottle; gonna do all the stationary myself- save the dates, invites, place settings, programs- plus postage for everything, almost 0; bridesmaids all buying own dresses

              What other costs are there generally? Chair rentals for ceremony, dress and lingere, shoes accessories hair nails. I’m wondering if we’ll be able to save enough to spend a few hundred on a big fancy cake.

              Does all of this sound doable for 00?

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                How do I make this casual dress wedding-guest appropriate?

                Friday, January 14th, 2011

                I recently bought this dress:

                to wear to a garden wedding in a tropical location. The wedding is semi-formal for the guests, mid-day (2:00), so nothing too fancy needs to be worn, however, I feel as though just the dress alone is a bit too casual. Anybody have any ideas how I can glam it up a bit? I’m thinking no spiked heels (they’ll sink into the garden grass), but flats are too casual, so that clearly leaves wedge heels, which I rarely wear, so I’m looking for help finding some of those or any other types of shoes that seem appropriate.

                Also, jewelry, belt, any other accessories? Just trying to make this a bit dressier than it is and wedding appropriate. Thank you!

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                  First Day of School Outfit ? 10 point challenge!?

                  Friday, January 7th, 2011

                  I’m still trying to pick out my first day of school outfit?
                  i’d like it to be cool so no long pants shorts but i need a jacket ( my classroom is cold )
                  i;d like it if you picked out
                  * shorts
                  *a tee
                  *and accessories ; jewelry and hair
                  It’s ok if you post a specific type but also I want to you to put the type ex: shorts and color ex: denim
                  Plus I’m med – dark brunette , brown eyes ,aprox. 5"1 I’m going into 6th grade
                  I’d like it to go with this backpack
                  type it into the search bar and search it , it should be the 3rd one down.

                  High Sierra Abigail Tote Bag in Garden – Garden/Leaf Green

                  All help is appreciated !
                  ???????????g? yes i can be i set it up and it didn’t say i was to young anyway that wasn’t even the anwer to my question.

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                  what should i wear?!?!? KANYE WEST TONIGHT?

                  Sunday, December 19th, 2010

                  Hey guys, i am leaving in 3 hours so i need help fast, but what should i wear to the Kanye West glow in the dark concert tonight, its at madison square garden, so i need to travel to the city which will be a little cold but hot at the concert.
                  i was thinking white jeans with hot white shades but what shirt or accessories or shoes?? thanks guys, pix wuold be helpful to get ideas

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