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I need some help with my wedding theme…..?

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

So, we’re visioning a fairy garden sort of thing for our spring wedding. Sparkles, lots of colour…..maybe some toadstools? We’re kind of stuck when trying to come up with decor, favours, etc. etc. ideas to execute the theme. I think my fiance and I are dressing up, me being a fairy princess, and he’ll be a prince. Perhaps tacky, but we’re so hardcore into themes it’s perfect for us…..anyway throw some ideas at me! What else would work with this theme? And if you can find any links to pics of similar sorts of wedding, that would be amazing! I’m still trying to track some stuff down.

Thanks a bunch!

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    What color with hot pink & lime green wedding?

    Monday, January 31st, 2011

    My friend is having a hot pink & lime green wedding. Those are her two favorite colors so there’s no changing that. I’m going to be a bridesmaid in the wedding. She’s thinking of having one bridesmaid wearing a hot pink dress with a lime green sash, shoes, and flowers…then the next girl the opposite. I suggested black dresses then having the bright colors in the accessories (shoes & sash). She doesn’t want black because it’s likely going to be an outdoor spring wedding at a local garden. Any other ideas so I don’t have to wear hot pink or lime green? I’m fair skinned with auburn hair and freckles!
    She is also looking for ideas for other colors. This wouldn’t be something I’m forcing on her. She wants the pictures to look good…and we both agree that the colors she loves will pop better against a neutral background. I’m looking around and I think a sand color would look nice.

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      With these ideas that I have, what would you say our "theme" for our wedding is?

      Friday, January 14th, 2011

      People keep asking what our "theme" is and what our colors are. I don’t know what to tell them. Given these details..what would you say?

      Spring Wedding, early afternoon ceremony and reception, semi casual, outside in a garden or park. We are using the landscape of the park or garden as our eye candy…so we will be doing little decorating ourselves. Simple decor. All white tables with white linens, white chairs, white place setting. I want to grow our own flowers in my garden.

      The day of the wedding, pick the flowers and put them in glass vases and jars with water. These will be the centerpieces for the reception. Every table may have different color flowers- yellow flowers, red, pink, orange, red, purple…whatever grows from my garden. The cake will be white with flowers cascading down..but haven’t made a decision what color the flowers on the cake will be.

      Appetizerers served (not a full meal), cake, punch.

      so what should i tell people when they ask about the theme and color scheme? thanks

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