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Help with Christmas gifts for a few people? Sorry I know this is asked often!?

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Okay so I have a few gifts to buy and on some I have a few leads, but some I’m lost.

1. Mom- Garden clippers and an apron. At least, thats what she wants. Garden clippers, would those be at Home Depot? And where do they sell aprons? (She specified that she wants a cute one not a plain one.)
2. Dad- iPad guy. I know I’m going to get him something for his iPad but there are so many accessories out lately. I checked Brookstone’s website and they have like all these different stands, cases, keyboard, speakers, chargers, everything! So need a little direction there.
3. Brother- My mom already got him TONS of clothes. I usually get him a shirt or a hoodie but my mom got him like six shirts and three sweaters already so I need something else. He likes Warhammer and trivia. He’s 18. (Gift does not have to relate to Warhammar or trivia just ideas)
4. Friends- They chose a spending limit which I find way too low to find something good but they insisted. So good gift for teen girls? Not something they’ll end up throwing away. Not cheap jewelry, please.
5. Boyfriend- Thinking iPod Touch, but it’s really expensive so I’m open to other ideas. And think more along the lines of one big gift, not a bunch of clothes or a few video games. (Already has a TV cell and laptop)

PS. No giftcard suggestions please! Thanks for reading all this, Merry Christmas

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Gifts for 80 yo Grandma?

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Ok, so my Grandmother is in her early 80s and I drew her name for Secret Santa 🙂 We don’t have a price limit yet but I am not wanting to go too high. As cheap as possible would be great since we’re trying to keep the gifts about the same throughout the family (somebody getting diamond earrings compared to somebody getting a gift card is what we are trying to avoid) we are all very appreciative, but trying to be smart!

I don’t know what to get her for Christmas though, I am not in state with the rest of my family so I can’t offer my time or services. She has been given plenty of windchimes, personalized things, family focused items, blankets, sweaters, garden decor, mugs, homemade items… All of the things that people usually associate Grandmothers to love. And she loves them all, I just want to get her something different.

Are there any electronics that are easy to operate or gadgets she could use? She comes with old age so she doesn’t have the greatest eyesight and has arthritis as well as tremors (her hands shake when she’s using them) ?? The only idea I have had is maybe a digital picture frame but I don’t know that I want to get it for her just yet. ANY IDEAS?!?!
She’s got 6 grandchildren, obviously, she’s my GRANDMA. & 8 great grandchildren with myself giving her #9 sometime next month. 🙂

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