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What About Apparel, Good Gardening Gifts?

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

You bet it is! A good pair of winter garden boots and gloves which are comfortable, will keep the extremities warm and dry. Such a gardening gifts would be a godsend. Soil thermometers, which are used to determine if cold-sensitive seeds and transplants are ready for planting, make great but not so obvious gardening gifts. A good pair of hand pruners, which will hold up to long hours of hard use, is certain to get a smile from the gardener in your life.

One problem gardeners have is making trips back and forth to the shed or tool area just to get the next tool that they need. Tool belts that wrap around a five gallon bucket are good gardening gifts. Not only are the tools right there, but the bucket could be used to collect trimmings. Or, it could be filled with soil for planting. For larger jobs, green garbage bags are a must. Simple gardening gifts that can be wired to stay open with two handles on top and one on the bottom for easy hauling and emptying.

Of course, all our clippings and trimmings are headed for the compost pile. Indoors, many clever gardeners keep a compost bucket by or under the sink to hold fruit and vegetable trimmings for later composting. However, even a covered container can start to get smelly, if not emptied regularly. Newer versions consist of a ceramic container that looks nice enough to leave on the counter and comes with an odor-preventing filter in the lid. They are much appreciated gardening gifts.

Having good gardening apparel is a must while working so as not to worry about staining your clothes and for enhanced security and convenience. Pick and choose your gardening gifts from this list of essentials:
Garden clogs: Great for everyday gardening, lawn and yard work. Make sure that they are durable and attractive with a slip-resistant sole.
Braided hat with wide brim: A part of the gardener’s traditional ware, it is perfect for working outdoors. This hat offers the most sun protection and secures easily with adjustable leather straps.
Phone & garden pocket: It is quite handy and holds a portable phone and garden tools. Most of them have an adjustable strap for waist or shoulder, cinch keeps phone secure, and it has a handy latch for house keys.
Garden waist apron: They typically have three large pockets for garden tools, fully adjustable waist ties, and are durable, light weight and water resistant.

I’m confident that if you would just take a look at how the gardener in your life works and find out what’s important to them, then you’ll be able to give them the gardening gifts they need and want. Plus, they’ll remember you for a very long time!  😉

Gardening Gifts Tray

Gardening Gifts Tray

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