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I would like to grow a vegetable garden, but…?

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

…I have a poison ivy problem. I live in the Mid-Atlantic.
First, how do I get rid of the poison ivy problem without harming the surrounding vegetation and soil?
Second, does the land need time in between the eradication of the poison ivy and propogation?
Third, should I use any composting material after eliminating the poison ivy or will this be irrelevant with regards to the poison ivy? And…
Fourth, how concerned should I be about this poison ivy problem in light of beginning a vegetable garden? After all, the vegetables are going to eventually go into the stomachs of my family and I am concerned for any poison ivy "residuals".

Please, only serious responses will be welcomed and professionals/educators are a bonus.

Thank you.

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    What are some examples of easy maintenance outdoor plants and flowers for yard decor?

    Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

    I recently moved into my first house and the previous owner had lots of high maintenance vegetation. I’d like to spend time cultiuvating a produce garden and not really worrying about flowers etc but I would like some things to spruce up the yard. What are some examples of plants that need little to no care once placed in the ground that can liven up my yard a bit?

    -Also, I’ve been told that plants native to my area are easier so just for your information: I’m in Southeast Tennessee.

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