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will i find this watch in india?

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Here is the link:

for sum reason i cudnt find this watch at but it’s at macys…y is that? also there is a nice guess store in the westgate mall at rajouri garden, which is in new delhi. Do u think I mite find it there? If not what about this watch:|596=WOMEN’S+ACCESSORIES&category|642=GUESS+WATCHES&browse=1&rpt=Department.aspx&pt=ProductListing.aspx

the second watch was at im confused plz help, thanx

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas (read below)?

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Mother’s day is not till next month, but time flies by so quickly, and I would really want to get an early start because my mother is extremely hard to shop for. I would like to give something PRACTICAL to her….the keyword is practical….something she can use.

Please exclude the following: candles, perfume, lotion, blankets, mattresses, poems, songs, photos, collages, spa day or going out, shoes, clothes, jewelry, hair stuff, garden decor, window stuff, anything that has to do with the house or decorations, blenders, kitchen stuff, entertainment (cds and dvds), food, purses, watches, gift certificates or gift cards, money, electronics, blowdryer, sunglasses, gift baskets, keychains, anything to do with car kits because she does not have a car and I can’t afford to buy her one and plus she does not know how to drive and no I do not want to buy a lesson to learn how to drive, picture frames, sewing kits, baskts, anything home-made, etc.

Told you it was hard!

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