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Garden Bird Baths Make Excellent Gardening Gifts

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

The native wildlife can be very pretty, and if you are lucky enough to have a garden you will get to see some of the creatures that pop in and out. If you particularly enjoy watching birds there are several ways to attract more of them into the garden for you to sit and enjoy.

Wild birds can have a hard job finding food especially in the colder months, so you may want to consider hanging some bird feeders in the garden. Be careful to site them in a place that cats cannot easily get to. There are a number of pretty feeders that can be erected on a long narrow pole, and by staking it into the ground safely away from trees and fences you can make it much harder for cats to get to.

Secondly, consider having a birdbath in the garden. These come in a wide variety of designs and require very little maintenance as they will fill with rain water, and the birds love them. They perform beautifully and are a delight to watch as they seem to really enjoy their washing, and almost dance with joy as they fluff their feathers in the cool water.

Garden bird baths can be made of various things. Heavy stone ones are a popular choice, and are carved into lots of styles so you can find one that matches your garden theme. The only thing you really need to do is ensure that they are kept fairly clean.  A birdbath is fairly shallow, so use a small stiff hand brush and sweep out the debris regularly, and if there hasn’t been any rain, top up the bath with clean water yourself.

In winter birds still need to be able to get water to drink, so if you can spare the time to make sure that is hasn’t frozen solid and there is still water in your garden bird bath it will be much appreciated by our tiny feathered friends. If it has frozen, take a kettle of warm water out and melt the ice. Clean and fill again with tepid water as this will take longer to freeze.  Don’t use hot water to fill it or leave hot water in it as this could harm the birds.

If you start feeding and watering birds they will come to rely on it and will deliberately come back to your garden as they will see it as a safe haven, so you do need to try and keep up looking after the bird bath as they need a safe, reliable source of food and drink.

If you cannot afford to buy a birdbath, why not try making one from something as simple as an old frying pan?  Don’t use anything deep as the bird must be able to climb out safely. To be extra safe you can always place a rock at the side for them to climb onto first, and again think cat on behalf of your little friends, as although they can usually fly away there is always the possibility that the cat will manage to catch them unawares. 😉

Garden Bird Bath

Garden Bird Bath

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