anybody know of some good forums or sites for vegetable gardening in texas?

Sites You May Find Helpful

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    2 Responses to “anybody know of some good forums or sites for vegetable gardening in texas?”

    1. deederbabe Says:

      go to – sign up and check out the forums there – you will get answers based on categories – ie: vines – annuals – roses – propogation…..
      Once you join, you can submit questions and browse similar questions answered by members – most are master gardeners advising non-professionals.
      I use it like a tool!!!! and it’s free to all. they even have a seed swap and plant identification section.

    2. mommy102905 Says:

      Randy Lemmon has been in Houston for a ton of years and specializes in gardening and landscape that will work best in the Gulf Area. He has a ton of fact sheets on his site and he has answered a ton of questions for me if I couldn’t find the answer already on his site.

      If you don’t live in the Houston area I am sure there is someone in your area who can help in the same way. One of the big problems with trying to garden in Texas is that every corner of the state is completely different in what the soil is like and what can be grown. Find someone who works as a local expert and you will be well off.

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