Can chicken manure be used in a vegetable garden as fertilzer?

We had 26 chickens but got rid of them about 3 months ago. Is it safe to use their manure on our vegetable garden?Also there is corn& looks to be squash growing in the fenced in chicken yard. Is it safe for human consumption?

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    3 Responses to “Can chicken manure be used in a vegetable garden as fertilzer?”

    1. t-rexs Says:

      mom says too hot

      got to make soup out of it first

      weekly turn for 25 strokes

      let it rest for one year before using it


      it is to high in nitrogen and it has to be reduced — either though composting or old methods of buckets with lids in addition of water — stirred weekly, ad water as necessary to maintain pudding consistency

    2. helen Says:

      Chicken manure is a great fertilizer, but it needs to be decomposed enough before you put it in your garden. Put it all on a heap and wait till it is all rotted and put it in your garden!

    3. Lar Says:

      it shouldn’t be applied until after some time composting…it is too hot and will damage the plants

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