Digging Potatoes and Onions – Growing a Vegetable Garden

Harvesting potatoes and onions. Wasnt the best year but we still did OK. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at www.thebayougardener.com

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    25 Responses to “Digging Potatoes and Onions – Growing a Vegetable Garden”

    1. dkim68 Says:

      Great video! About how deep do the roots of potato plants grow?

    2. webcajun Says:

      I’ve never dug one up to see……… Donald

    3. DERAJ13 Says:

      how long do potatoes keep for? any special method to store them? onions too. thanks (subscribed)!

    4. webcajun Says:

      @DERAJ13 that depends on the variety for both potatoes and onions. That ranges from 1 – 3 months on average. If you chop and freeze your onions they will last well over 6 months. Potatoes can be canned and they’ll last a year or more…….. Donald

    5. Heretharbemonsters Says:

      Now that I see how sneaky your dog is I understand the camo covered buckets.

    6. webcajun Says:

      @Heretharbemonsters … those camo buckets were sent to me by a friend from TX, Fulton. Said he was tired of seeing me carry stuff in my shirt or pockets when harvesting. Said I needed to look more professional. LOL I use them all the time……. Donald

    7. Burpeeseed Says:

      Was the name of the onion called Candy?

    8. webcajun Says:

      @Burpeeseed … yes it is……. Donald

    9. 96racerking Says:

      what do u do with the green part of the onion?

    10. webcajun Says:

      @96racerking … it goes in the compost pile. The green tops you saw being cut were green onions and will be used to season food…….. Donald

    11. Jerrid3 Says:

      Do you keep any fresh onions on hand? Does freezing them taste just as good fresh or does it lose any flavor?

    12. webcajun Says:

      @Jerrid3 … yes we do keep fresh onions for a couple of months after harvest. I won’t say the frozen onions taste like “fresh out the garden” but they are good. Give it a try……. Donald

    13. palmerballer1 Says:

      do you sell your produce?

    14. webcajun Says:

      @palmerballer1 … I sell enough to help pay expenses…… Donald

    15. AsphaltCowboy57 Says:

      It sounds like I hear Purple Martins in the background. Did you have a nice colony this year.

      Maybe you should think about making a video on starting martins. I put a few gourds up here in south Georgia with pair occupying every gourd. More people should take part in activities such as you do and connect with nature.

      Keep up the good work!

    16. shadowhog777 Says:

      webcajun, thishas nothing to do with onions but, my pepper plants and tomatoes keep getting these white powdery-looking bugs under their leaves, as well as this black , fungus-like coloration on their leaves, similar to what citrus trees get. I am also getting a lot of leaf miners immediately, as soon as the leaves on my sprouts come up. I live down here in miami FL where there is a lot of rain and humidity, I thought maybe that has something o do?? I dunno, plz help. Thanks in advance-Alex

    17. webcajun Says:

      @AsphaltCowboy57 … my neighbors have martin houses. I have a few blue bird houses around the place but none for the martins………Donald

    18. webcajun Says:

      @shadowhog777 … Hey Alex, get in touch with your county agent and get him to come out and take a look. He can recommend sprays that should help control the insects and fungus. I usually use liquid Sevin for the bugs……..Donald

    19. geekyboy2009 Says:

      whats was your biggest potato your ever got from your garden

    20. webcajun Says:

      @geekyboy2009 … I plant Red Lasoda and most are average size. I can’t remember harvesting any huge ones. I think Yucon Gold would be somewhat larger………Donald

    21. budmike81 Says:

      do you grow boudin balls on your garden? lol

    22. webcajun Says:

      @budmike81 … can’t find the seeds. lol…….Donald

    23. malhori Says:

      @shadowhog777 I’ve not got much of a green thumb, but heard that you can mix a little bit of liquid dish soap in with the water when watering your lawn, and it gives the bugs diarrhoea, which ends up drying them out so they die from dehydration… a cheap, easy solution if it can be done in a food garden too, but best find out whether you can, or not, from a nearby garden nursery; they’d better know the local bugs & plants where you are.

    24. DippinSonOfALee1865 Says:

      This is a great help. I wish I had more land though. I’m growing onions and I was going to throw the leaves away but I’m going to use them as chives for baked potatoes and shrimp. Thanks webcajun. Keep the videos coming.

    25. webcajun Says:

      @DippinSonOfALee1865 … You’re welcome, glad you enjoy the videos…..Donald

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