How can I correct my over-fertilized vegetable garden?

Thanks to everyone who responded to my first question regarding putting too much organic fertilizer on my vegetable garden before the seeds germinated.
Now what can I do? Are the seeds/soil beyond repair? Thanks.

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    3 Responses to “How can I correct my over-fertilized vegetable garden?”

    1. John B Says:

      The only thing I can recommend is to water, water and water. That will force the fertilizer down beyond the roots. In most vegetable gardens the roots only go down about 12 inches. Hopefully the garden is well drained. You don’t want the water to stand.

    2. Obaidul Haque Says:

      sorry.I don’t know.

    3. cajundude1 Says:

      Nitrogen will dissipate in about one month after application. That is usually what kills the young plants when it’s in excess. "Organic fertilizer" as you stated will not be detrimental to your crop or seeds. This is what you would call finished compost. It is possible to grow vegetables in pure compost. However, commercial fertilizer can be applied too heavily. It will burn the root system. To correct an over application of fertilizer, just till the soil over again to mix it with surrounding soil and try again. With fertilizer a little is better then a lot, but with compost, you can hardly have too much.

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