How do I keep cats out of my vegetable gardens?

I have several small vegetable gardens around the yard. There are a number of cats in the neighborhood who dig holes and do their business. I am looking for an easy and cheap way to keep the cats out of the garden, without using chemicals or injuring the cats. What works for this?

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5 Responses to “How do I keep cats out of my vegetable gardens?”

  1. gary j Says:

    Pour liquid ammonia around the perimeter of the garden. It will deter the kitties and will not harm them.

  2. tonalc1 Says:

    This doohickey works great!

  3. ideamanbmg Says:

    Pellet and BB guns work nicely.

  4. Kim B Says:

    I have tired quite a few things to prevent kitties from doing their business in my garden beds.. the cheapest and best method I have found was laying some chicken wire just underneath the mulch of just an inch or two below the soild.. It’s cheap and it works.. Also I have heard that those motion detector spinklers works quite well, however they are a bit pricy.. good luck

  5. kjcedits Says:

    Hunting and fishing stores sell coyote urine, which is supposed to keep away all sorts of trouble-makers.

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