I want to start a vegetable garden. What vegetables are good to grow in South Florida's earth and climate?

I have never grow a vegetable garden before, but always helped with my mom’s when I was younger.

She’ll be helping me set it up but I wanted to do some research about what plants grow best down in South Florida.

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2 Responses to “I want to start a vegetable garden. What vegetables are good to grow in South Florida's earth and climate?”

  1. fluffernut Says:

    Gardening in Florida is virtually a 12 month project. You have a wonderful Master Gardener program in the state where volunteers are there to guide you through the whole project. They should have more info on what is best at what time of year. You contact them thru your county Cooperative Extension program.

    Here’s a web site for info on all the veggies you can grow there, including many tropicals:


    Since you have a hot humid climate, keep an eye on the soil…..you don’t want to be growing in straight sand. Regular incorporation of organic matter is critical.

  2. grannygrunt28391 Says:

    What you grow is up to you and what you like and your hardiness zone
    You can grow asian vegetables/below link
    Open link below and and scroll down to:
    ~~~~~~~~~WARM SEASON VEGETABLES/~~ Table 4. Planting Guide for Florida Vegetables: Spacing Information~~~~~~

    Plant Hardiness Zone Map
    Your zone would be 8-11

    For free information contact below
    Larry Williams is the extension horticulture agent with the Okaloosa County Cooperative Extension Service, University of Florida.
    Phone: (850) 689-5850 or (850)-729-1400 ext. 5850 Fax: (850) 689-5727

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