Is it okay to plant a vegetable garden right beside a cemetery?

We live right beside a small cemetery. My dad wants to plant a vegetable garden just a few feet from this. Everyone says that because the bodies were sealed in vaults and buried several feet deep, that there is no harm in doing this. I am still unsure of the idea. Would it be hazardous to plant a garden so close?

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6 Responses to “Is it okay to plant a vegetable garden right beside a cemetery?”

  1. Lavenderlady Says:

    Yes it will be fine. First the graves are 6 foot deep or more. The second thing is that your plants would not have roots that grow that deep and if you put it a few feet from the cemetery the roots will not spread far enough to reach it. The 3rd thing is that the caskets are sealed. I grew a garden 8 feet from the edge of a cemetery.

  2. kimison_au Says:

    It shouldnt be harmful at all. Its not like you live next to a toxic waste dump.

  3. M. D Says:

    sure ….plants don’t care where they get their nutrients from

  4. byron101540 Says:

    Most caskets are buried 6ft

    In the veggie garden The longest root I know is a habanero pepper might grow 4 ft

  5. orntelove Says:

    It would be fine because your not planting IN the cemetary….so I’m sure you are a few dozen feet away from bodies to begin with…besides if anything bodies would help plants grow better and have better soil even if not in vaults.

  6. Cal E Says:

    Absolutely. But be sure to plant garlic all around the border. (Just in case.)

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