Is it safe to use treated wood in a vegetable garden?

I just had a 12’x2′ box made for a vegetable garden and the lining walls are made out of treated wood. is it safe to grow a veggie garden within the treated wodo?

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    4 Responses to “Is it safe to use treated wood in a vegetable garden?”

    1. WoodHokie4 Says:

      I agree with Stretch. Wood was, at one time, treated with Chromated Copper Arsenate but this was indeed put to a stop in recent years. Now, you can purchase pressure treated lumber that has been treated with a Micronized copper product and contains no harmful chemicals. I would say that it is 100% safe to use in a vegitable garden. If you wanted to take an extra precautionary step, you should use landscape fabric to line the sides and bottom of your garden (this will also help to prevent weeds from comming up to the surface).

      If you wanted to spend a few extra dollars, you could go with the plastic composite lumber, but that might be going a bit far.

    2. Texperson Says:

      No it’s not. The chemicals they use to "treat" the wood are not for human consumption and they will leech into the soil over time. Untreated wood or cement blocks are good.

    3. peptroy Says:

      i also bought a large wooden vegetable box but i lined it with a large sheet of plastic because of this. i made holes in the bottom and stapled it up the top onto the wood.

    4. stretch Says:


      it is absolutely safe to use the treated lumber nowadays. Lumber used to be treated with cyanide by-product to ward off insects like termites and ants. However, that treatment was halted by the EPA (I believe). Anyway, today lumber is treated with a copper sulfate product. Very, very little leaching occurs, let alone negatively affecting vegetable plants.

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