Patio Vegetable Container Garden 3/31/10

I’ve decided to grow my own patio vegetable and fruit garden. My patio is not very large but with the right amount of planning I should be able to get a rather nice harvest. This video will be the first in a series of videos that will follow my progress as well as the progress of my plants. In theory, I should have some food in about 30,40, 50 days from now 😉 Update #1 Update # 2 Herb Garden Starter Kit from Amazon

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    14 Responses to “Patio Vegetable Container Garden 3/31/10”

    1. BalconyGrow Says:

      Nice job. Good luck with your patio garden. I sure do enjoy mine. ~Jeri

    2. briandudeathome Says:

      @BalconyGrow Hi Jeri? and thanks. I moved all my planters indoors until the weather decides to stay warm. Everything? is growing very nicely 😉 Thanks for watching.

    3. LeoLxx7 Says:

      Thumbs up for patio garden instructions, very well thought out.

    4. briandudeathome Says:

      @LeoLxx7 why thank you

    5. kevbro321 Says:

      10 dollers for a black and decker drill ?, dam man that would be like 30-40 quid in the uk,nice video

    6. briandudeathome Says:

      @kevbro321 Yeah 10 bucks not so bad, although it’s a very wimpy drill that’s good for only a few things, but for the price it’s not bad. Thanks for watching and commenting!

    7. sparrerbyrd Says:

      The video froze 🙁 Did this end up working for you?

    8. briandudeathome Says:

      @sparrerbyrd Sorry it froze… it was successful up until the 100 degree weather we’ve been having most of the summer… I still have some squash, cucumber and tomatoes that are going strong.

    9. martysgarden Says:

      Patio gardens are cool, many people don’t do it because they think they don’t have enough space. Hay you can always go vertical! Straight up the wall or screen.
      From Martysgarden

    10. briandudeathome Says:

      @martysgarden You’re right! There are lot’s of options! Thanks for the comment =)

    11. Stringyheads Says:

      Well done, I would pull the center of your container in with some sort of brace like a coat hanger might do the trick. Notice how when you put the soil in the center bowed out, it needs support. other than that good job, I dont think those containers are made of very stong plastic likey to get brittle in time un like polly.
      Its a great entertianer idea grab a few vegies and chuck em in the wok infront of your guests let em know they are eating fresh. Cool flick.

    12. briandudeathome Says:

      @Stringyheads First off, thanks for the kind words. You have a great idea with the coat hanger. It never occurred to me.

      Thanks so much for watching and commenting =)

    13. witcheswind Says:

      Great Video gives me more ideas getting the sun where I want is another issue, resorted to some lights but great video ty for taking the time.

    14. briandudeathome Says:

      @witcheswind I’m about ready for winter to be over with so I can plant again. I’m looking forward to some yummy tomatoes =) I’m also glad you enjoyed the video!

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