vegetable garden?

i’m planning on planting a veggie garden this year. we r going to plant corn, ocra, peas, beans, tomatoes, and a couple of other plants we planted last year. but i want to plant common chives, onion-red-burgermaster (that’s what it said at and bell peppers.
how should i plant the chives, bell peppers, and red onions?

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    6 Responses to “vegetable garden?”

    1. GRUMPY Says:

      I have a garden 55ft x 25ft. From East to West, with my rows going North to South, I plant my corn, then cucumbers in cages(no bending over), thenmy tomatoes, then my green beans, then onions, bell peppers,and thinbgs like radishes, carrots, etc all in one row.
      What I have done is plated my "tall" plants then smaller progressively, No plant is ever in the "shadow" of its neighbor all thru the day. Draw it out on paper and see if it will work for yoou.

    2. nasaj81 Says:

      gary busey

    3. YA Says:

      Only my mom does the food garden so I have NO idea…good luck though.

    4. Alison Says:

      in a pot on your kitchen windowsill so you can pick them fresh while cooking 🙂

    5. rustskipper Says:

      Hey Chanchossweatpants,

      You said you are planting Tomatoes. I like to plant my tomatoes on cages, and put my onions, garlics, chives etc. around the tomato plants. They are compatible plants, and will work well together. If you use raised beds, not rows, this is easier. Just think of a honeycomb pattern, and give enough room for the onion bulbs to mature.

    6. motroo Says:

      be sure to plant the bell peppers and tomatoes in FULL SUN. but they need alot of water and veggie food too. They also do well taking in water from their leaves as well as their roots.

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