Vegetable Garden?

I have a very small veggie garden…about 6 tom. plants which are VERY tall….2 cherry tom. which are not tall….my cherry plants have produced a large # of tomatoes, my large plants have not….ive used tomatoe food, treated for insects, no noticablde insects found…used miracle grow….add fresh soil, no weeds, and i water them regularly…they get mostly morning to mid afternoon sun….should they be getting more sun? I have also shake them gently..ever couple days or so…my neighbor says that pollunates them…..why am i not getting many tomatoes from these plants?i may have picked 6 total

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    4 Responses to “Vegetable Garden?”

    1. Sam Z Says:

      I’m not sure where you are, but it could be too early in the season, or it could be the variety of tomato. Some are just late bloomers…just like people.

      One hint that I learned from my grandfather…pick off the suckers (side shoots). Those are the new branches that are coming between a brance and the main stalk. They are green and soft when starting, and will become full fledged branches if left to grow out. You want to pick these off so that the plant can use the energy to make tomatos, rather than more branches.

      Hope this helps!

    2. tensnut90_99 Says:

      Try adding some lime to them. They need six hours of sun a day. Mulch them.

    3. galacticsleigh Says:

      Don’t over-water them. Once established, water only once a month, seriously. They produce better when a little drought-stressed.

    4. harrowgate Says:

      This is just a thought, but having two varieties of tomatoes in a small garden may not work as well as having one.

      I live in Philly, and it is still too early. If I had planted more matured plants, then I probably would have some now.

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