Vegetable Garden — Picking Okra the easy way

Vegetable Garden — Picking okra the easy way. Don’t laugh, it use to take me 2 hours now it only takes about 30 minutes. Visit The Bayou Gardener in South Louisiana at

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    25 Responses to “Vegetable Garden — Picking Okra the easy way”

    1. webcajun Says:

      @fatturdburger … are you planting directly in the garden? ……… Donald

    2. fatturdburger Says:

      I started them in plastic seed trays then potted them into bigger pots they had good drainage & were bottom watered, they seemed to wilt from to much heat then I think wilted from to much water.

    3. fatturdburger Says:

      Also they had little clear beads forming under the leaves I don’t think they were bug’s I think mabey from over water but I’m not sure.
      Thanks huck

    4. webcajun Says:

      @fatturdburger … okra likes hot, dry conditions so too much water was probably it. There’s no need to start them in pots, just seed directly into the garden………. Donald

    5. fatturdburger Says:

      Thanks for the help Donald.
      I think mabey I need a greenhouse for the okra & chillis we do get a lot of rain here in the uk.


    6. logos2600 Says:

      I usually prefer young pods 2-3″ btw nice crop

    7. webcajun Says:

      @logos2600 … the small ones are tender. Thanks……… Donald

    8. TheGardenkid1 Says:

      is that an electric or gas cart and how much it cost?

    9. webcajun Says:

      @TheGardenkid1 … it’s electric and you’ll have to check prices in your area……. Donald

    10. Jerrid3 Says:

      Your dogs seem to be right up under you when you drive the cart and some times the tractor. Do you ever worry about hitting them? Also how many ocra on average grow on one plant? And you said leave it till tomorrow and it will be twice the size it is now. Was that a joke or are you serious? Do they grow purposely in different stages or did you do that your self so you can harvest at different times?

    11. webcajun Says:

      @Jerrid3 … these are yard dogs and will usually get out the way. On a mature okra plant I’ll pick about a half doz. pods per plant per day. I harvest my okra every day, if a pod is only a 2-3 inches long it will be ready the next day at 4 -6 inches long. There is really no advantage to planting at different times cause Okra will continue making all summer until the frost kills it…… Donald

    12. sunsetreptiles Says:

      so what you use okra for, i never heard of it. sorry if it sounds likea dumb question

    13. webcajun Says:

      @sunsetreptiles … In Louisiana it’s fried, boiled, pickled, smothered and used in Gumbo. Not a dumb question at all…….Donald

    14. MJB1910 Says:

      you do a lot of things differently.. up hear it hard to grow okra not a lot of people do — How do you perserve it? you have such a large harvest.

    15. webcajun Says:

      @MJB1910 … canning is one way but most of it I just freeze. Okra loves hot weather so it does real well in Louisiana…….Donald

    16. DonaldRumsfailed Says:

      Nice editing, great video.

    17. webcajun Says:

      @DonaldRumsfailed … glad you enjoy and thanks…….Donald

    18. Allen2045 Says:

      Hey what ever works. Great video

    19. webcajun Says:

      @Allen2045 … It sure beats spending hours in the hot sun. Getting too old for that. lol ……..Donald

    20. shifttradition Says:

      MJ wanna be, ;-p just need to add some jewels to that glove and you will be set. hahahaha just kidding

    21. webcajun Says:

      @shifttradition … hahahahaha LOL………Donald

    22. thunderhorse931 Says:

      That okra was beutiful

    23. webcajun Says:

      @thunderhorse931 … I think okra can survive and grow on the highway. Some tough plants….Donald

    24. DippinSonOfALee1865 Says:

      I would love to grow some okra but when does it grow? Can it grow in cold weather? I live in south Georgia but it gets pretty cold. How tall does okra get? And does the okra bud like tomatoes or does it grow like a leaf?

    25. webcajun Says:

      @DippinSonOfALee1865 …Okra likes hot weather so plant the seeds once all danger of frost has passed. Planted 18 inches apart they may get 10 ft. tall. Planted approx 4 ft. apart they’ll only get about 6 ft. tall. Okra will make large flowers 2-3 inches across and the pods will form in clusters. I plant “Cow Horn”…..Donald

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