vegetable gardening online resource?

Can anyone recommend a good and reliable online vegetable gardening resource? I can’t find one that really stands out.

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  1. Mo Plants Says:

    The Internet is full of sites that offer less than perfect advice on virtually everything under the sun. As a hortiholic, I can tell you with certainty that the professionally written resources will give the most concise, accurate answers. And those which feature regionally specific info will be the most directly useful to a home gardener.

    There are three types of sources to consider when looking for good information on veggies, and each is matched by a link below.

    University Extension is a part of the US Dept. of Agriculture and there is one in every state. This is ground zero for local backyard food gardening data. is an example of an independent professional site that offers a more holistic experience with well researched data packaged to be readily usable by the consumer. is a traditional plant seller that offers extensive online resources about their plants and gardening in general. They’re a good source for obtaining long lived food bearing plants such as blueberries.

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