Vertical Gardening – What’s The Advantage Of Vertical Vegetable Gardening In A City?

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    3 Responses to “Vertical Gardening – What’s The Advantage Of Vertical Vegetable Gardening In A City?”

    1. Ms Sparks Says:

      Vertical gardening helps you save space on growing vegetables, specially when you have limited soil area or backyard land. It’s more popular in a city where space restrictions make vertical gardening a better alternative to traditional gardening.

      Plants like tomatoes and pumpkins can be easily grown in a vertical garden as long as they’re well supported. Vines are specially suitable as pea and cucumber plants climb quite nicely up the vertical supports.

    2. n2o_9999 Says:

      I suppose that the most obvious answer is that it takes a lot less room for those with limited garden space. I actually saw a brilliant product the other day called the ‘PatioGro’. It’s basically a stack of planters to enable you to plant vegetables in a small space even if it is concentrated.

    3. JeRoMe Says:

      Well even with people who have the room a vertical garden is practical because of space.
      It allows the produce to hang without rotting or molding on the ground.
      It allows easier picking of the produce, without having to bend down to get it.
      It allows a beautiful scene for yourself and neighbors.

      Check out Mel Bartholomew’s tips on vertical gardening in his books – Square Foot Gardening.

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