When is it safe to plant flowers and or vegetable plants in Connecticut?

I am new to gardening and have been reading up and I am still unsure on timing? I plan to plant a vegetable garden and also rose bushes and some hyacinths and tulips for sure? Any tips?

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3 Responses to “When is it safe to plant flowers and or vegetable plants in Connecticut?”

  1. Cerulean Blue Says:

    You can plant different plants at different times.

    Are you planting the hyacinths and tulips from bulbs or existing plants? If from bulbs, those are planted in the ground in the fall. If from existing plants, go ahead and plant now. Allow the foliage to grow after the flower is spent, this gives the bulb energy for next years flowers.

    Rose bushes are fine to plant now, provided the soil is no longer frozen and is workable.

    As for the vegetables, are you planting seeds or plants? And it depends on what type of vegetables your wanting to plant. Some are cold weather growers and others you need to wait until Mid May, when the night temps are warmer. I suggest you visit a local garden center, not really lowes or home depot, you can get sketchy info from them. Even if you do not buy your plants there, they can be a great resource for information. Some even offer free classes!

  2. pickmefirstplz Says:

    plant after the last frost

  3. dwh12345 Says:

    Mid to late May is generally safe but no real guarantees.. If you get a frost scare after planting just cover for the night with cloth..

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