Will a vegetable garden increase my homes value?

We’re replacing our decks railing, so I thought it would be nice to use it as a fence around some raised vegetable garden beds. We’re planning on selling the house in 5 years or so, would this be appealing to buyers? A nice vegetable garden? Thanks!

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    7 Responses to “Will a vegetable garden increase my homes value?”

    1. dog ma Says:

      Absolutely not. There may be a very few buyers who would find it appealing, most would just rip it out. Either way it would have no effect on the market value of the house. Do what makes YOU happy, since you intend to be there for several more years.

    2. the kid Says:

      Might be appealing to buyers, but won’t increase the value.

    3. corduroy-fire-kills-7 Says:

      It would not be appealing to most buyers since most buyers have no interest in a home garden. It’s going to be similar to a pool or hot tub. Put it in if you enjoy it, but don’t expect to recoup the costs when it comes time to sell.

    4. Nenya Says:

      I’m told that buyers generally like what they can customize without going to too much hassle.

      So in all_ do what you like; your sale is 5 years into the future, who knows what can happen in that amount of time?
      Second, whatever you do, don’t expect it to add value to your home, and don’t expect that your buyer will be exactly like you in every way.

    5. acermill Says:

      Not going to increase your value by a penny. As said earlier, some buyers may find it attractive, and others may find it a bother to be removed.

    6. Appraiser guy Says:

      Gardens add NO value.

    7. glenn Says:

      A very nice landscape helps sell the house. It must look very pretty and look like it requires little or no care.

      A have never seen a vegetable garden that I thought would raise the price of a house.

      Been in real estate residential sales for 34 years.

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